Rollins' return target pushed back

Rollins' return target pushed back

PHILADELPHIA -- There are six months in a Major League Baseball season, not including the playoffs.

Jimmy Rollins said Sunday it will be great if he can play in four.

Rollins said he still feels tightness in his strained right calf, which he injured April 12 during pregame warmups at Citizens Bank Park. He is taking batting and fielding practice, but said he still feels the injury when he moves to his left while fielding ground balls. The Phillies originally estimated Rollins might miss two to four weeks, but the estimate has extended to six weeks.

"I've had pulled muscles, strained my groin and missed a game," Rollins said. "Something like this where it felt like somebody shot you? I've never been in this situation."

So at least a couple more weeks?

"Miracles can happen," Rollins said.

So he's waiting on a miracle?

"Basically," he said.

But if no miracle comes, Rollins sounds like he does not expect to be back until mid-May at the earliest.

Rollins said the nagging injury has not tested his patience.

"It's testing their patience," Rollins said, referring to his teammates, "going around being everybody's coach and stuff. They're tired of it, so I just stay out of the dugout. It's not a good place to be when you're injured."