Myers, Hamels clear air about mix-up

Myers, Hamels clear air about mix-up

NEW YORK -- Cole Hamels and Brett Myers are good friends.

They hang out at home and on the road. Hamels occasionally drives Myers to the ballpark. In fact, they were headed to dinner with their wives Tuesday night in New York before Game 6 of the World Series on Wednesday at Yankee Stadium.

"He's my buddy," Myers said Tuesday.

Myers, Hamels and a Phillies official disputed a Yahoo! Sports report that he and Hamels had a tense confrontation in the Phillies' clubhouse following Game 5 of the World Series. Two media members who were witnesses also disputed the report.

"The bottom line is nothing happened and nothing ever will happen between us," Myers said.

"People don't understand how easy-going both of us are and what good friends both of us are," Hamels said. "I didn't even know this had turned into a big deal until about 10 minutes ago. I actually had called Brett this morning to see if he could take me to the field."

Here is what happened, according to Myers, Hamels and Phillies director of baseball communications Greg Casterioto.

Casterioto asked Myers if he had seen Hamels, who wanted to meet with Phillies manager Charlie Manuel.

"He quit," Myers cracked.

That is a common response from Myers and others in the Phillies' clubhouse when somebody asks where somebody is. A few minutes later as Hamels and Casterioto stood in front of Hamels' locker, Myers walked past and said, "What are you doing here? I thought you quit?"

Hamels replied with an expletive, which took Myers off guard.

"When you say, 'Manny being Manny,' or something like that, well, Brett was being Brett," Manuel said. "Brett likes to throw that jab at you, and sometimes it doesn't matter who's around, and I think people when they hear that sometimes, they don't know how to take it. I think that's what happened. I think that was just actually Brett playing around, messing with him."

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Hamels probably is sensitive to the word "quit" these days after he told reporters following Game 3 of the World Series that he couldn't wait for the season to end. Myers said he was unaware of Hamels' comments following Game 3, although the comments were widespread and had upset some players inside the Phillies' clubhouse.

Casterioto walked Hamels away from Myers, but not because he worried about the incident escalating. He said he needed to bring Hamels into Manuel's office. Myers, who said he later learned of Hamels' Game 3 comments, pulled Hamels aside to apologize.

"I apologized for really bad timing," Myers said. "I also told him that he was talking to the master of people taking things out of context, so he shouldn't worry what people think or write. I told him that if we get to Game 7 and he gets to pitch and he dominates, nobody will [care] about what he said."

Myers said he has talked with teammates about Hamels' comments.

"I know Cole," he said. "He didn't mean what he said. I know him. I talk with him about stuff. I probably know him better than most guys on the team. What he said, that's not him. I know he didn't mean it that way."

"Nobody has come to talk to me about the comments," Hamels said. "They definitely know who I am. If there was a worry, there is a lot of guys, especially the veteran guys ... I think they understood that I'm not one of those types of guys."

Manuel sounded like he would have Hamels pitch Game 7, if the Series gets that far, but he would not commit.

But Manuel said he liked what he heard from Hamels when they met for about 15 minutes in his office following Game 5.

"I know Hamels," Manuel said. "I've been a Hamels guy ever since I seen him pitch in [Class A] Lakewood. I never, ever  I want you to listen to this -- I never, ever questioned his mental toughness, because he's just as tough as anybody on our team. And I mean that. That part, I've never, ever doubted.

"There's definitely no quit in him, and I know he shows emotions at times, and he's had like a freakish year and he's going through a bad time, but at the same time, he'll get through it, and he'll be the pitcher that you saw last year. That pitcher that you've been seeing for the last couple years, that's who Hamels is. He is a gamer and he's a fighter."

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