Dubee reflects fondly on time with Phillies

Dubee reflects fondly on time with Phillies

LAKE BUENA VISTA, Fla. -- A short walk beyond center field at Champion Stadium, on a side field at the Braves baseball complex, Rich Dubee surveyed the action in front of him.

He looked out of place in his white Braves uniform.

Dubee wore red pinstripes with the Phillies from 2005-13, when he was their pitching coach. But this is his new home since the Phillies declined to bring him back following last season. The Braves hired Dubee as their Minor League pitching coordinator.

"My time was great there," Dubee said before the Phillies and Braves played a Grapefruit League game on Tuesday. "To be part of probably the best baseball era there, I'm very, very lucky. I have so many great memories. Grabbing Jamie Moyer and hugging Jamie [following Game 5 of the 2008 World Series]. Here is a guy who played 20-something years and finally won a World Series. Looking at Doc [Roy Halladay pitching his first playoff game ever and throwing a no-hitter. Cole Hamels, the way he emerged in the '08 playoffs. [Brad] Lidge being perfect [in 2008]. [J.C.] Romero getting released twice then playing such a big role in our bullpen. Working with guys like Clay Condrey. He was up and down five times [in 2007]. He was a vital piece of our bullpen, an unsung hero.

"Throwing BP to a guy like Chase Utley, seeing the way he works. Last year in Spring Training, after a game he'd hit for about 53 minutes. Just the character of the guy. You appreciate what he puts into the game so much. Chooch's emergence as really a frontline catcher. KK [Kyle Kendrick] deserves credit. He took it and ran with it."

Dubee has spoken with Charlie Manuel a few times since his dismissal. He has heard from Halladay and Hamels while also reflecting a bit on what everybody accomplished during that run -- which included five National League East championships, two NL pennants and one World Series title.

"As good as our run was when you're in the middle of it, you really don't get to fully enjoy it," Dubee said. "You win one game, you get ready for tomorrow. You win at the end of the year, you get ready for Spring Training. That tag of being a division champion and going to the World Series, those are hard tags. You're always trying to push the envelope."

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