Stairs says Phillies not feeling pressure

Stairs says Phillies not feeling pressure

TORONTO -- The atmosphere in the Phillies' clubhouse before Saturday's game against the Blue Jays was markedly different than just a night earlier.

While the visitors' clubhouse was silent following Friday's 6-1 loss at Rogers Centre, on Saturday morning, there was a relaxed feel in the air as reggae music played on the speakers.

Philadelphia outfielder Matt Stairs would not confirm nor deny on Saturday that a team meeting was held after Friday's game, but he did say that the Phils are not feeling pressure despite a current skid that has lasted for two weeks.

"There's no pressure," said Stairs. "If we look at stats from last year, I think we were bad during Interleague Play. And what are we doing now? Playing Interleague Play and we stink."

The Phillies have dropped 11 of their past 13 games.

"We're not playing smart baseball and we're not playing Philly baseball, as in we're not working hard," said Stairs. "I think when you look at the way we've been losing games, it's been sloppy in the approach we've been taking. That's the biggest thing."

Phillies starter Cole Hamels showed his frustration on Friday when he was ejected from the game for arguing with home-plate umpire Mark Carlson about the strike zone.

Hamels spoke to reporters Saturday and was apologetic for his actions.

"I got what I deserved," he said of the ejection.

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