Frandsen grabbing opportunity with Phillies

Frandsen grabbing opportunity with Phillies

Frandsen grabbing opportunity with Phillies
PHILADELPHIA -- When he made his Major League debut with his hometown Giants in April 2006, Kevin Frandsen had been a professional baseball player for less than two years.

But now, after grinding through Minor League seasons with several organizations just to get back to the big leagues, Frandsen has more of an appreciation for what many have gone through to make it to The Show.

"I've been up and down, 13, 14 times, been sent down and all that stuff," he said. "First time you get called up, it's always great. I mean, there's nothing wrong with it. But I was only in the Minor Leagues for one year, and I don't think I fully appreciated what a lot of guys have gone through to do it. The last two years, being in the Minor Leagues and fully doing everything possible to be back in the big leagues and to earn it, you feel like you've earned an opportunity. I think it is a little bit more gratifying."

Frandsen is making the most of his current opportunity. Recalled from Triple-A Lehigh Valley on July 27, Frandsen made his first start with the Phillies two weeks ago Sunday. He hasn't sat down since, starting at third base for the 13th consecutive game in Sunday's series finale against the Cardinals.

Frandsen entered the day hitting .341 and with at least one hit in all but two of his starts. He's also impressed with his glove, making a highlight-reel diving catch in each of the last two games.

"You grow up as a middle infielder, you take a lot of pride in that," he said of his defense. "Obviously [Placido Polanco has] got the credentials. In my case, you just try to limit mistakes and try to make the routine play. People will talk about the great play and all that stuff. Those aren't expected. Those just happen sometimes. And luckily, they've found my way."

The Phillies are using the last 49 games of the season to get a good look at many of their players, Frandsen being one of them. If he continues to play well, he would put himself in solid ground heading into Spring Training for the 2013 season.

He's not thinking that far ahead.

"I can tell everyone that I'm not worried about four weeks, six weeks, next year or anything. I'm worried about today," he said. "That's how it's supposed to be for me, someone who's looking for an opportunity. The opportunity's today. I've got to take advantage of that."