Phillies have no plans to shut down Halladay

Phillies have no plans to shut down Halladay

Phillies have no plans to shut down Halladay
PHILADELPHIA -- The Phillies made one thing crystal clear Monday afternoon at Citizens Bank Park: Roy Halladay is pitching the rest of the season.

Halladay answered questions Saturday about the chances he might be shut down for the remainder of the year, considering the team has a slim chance to make the postseason and Halladay missed seven weeks because of an injured right back muscle. After all, wouldn't it make sense to save some bullets for next season when the games matter?

"We're not thinking about doing that," Phillies manager Charlie Manuel said. "I don't have to answer that no more. He's not going to get shut down."

The Phillies said encasing Halladay in bubble wrap would be counterproductive.

"My goal right now for Roy Halladay is pitch on a regular basis and get back to being who he used to be," Phillies pitching coach Rich Dubee said. "He's fought some injuries. He's developed some bad habits. He's got these two months to hopefully wean himself off those bad habits and retrain himself. That's why it's important for him to pitch. He's healthy. He's felt stronger than he has in a long time. He's got to retrain himself so he gets back into that proper arm slot."

Halladay's arm angle dropped about six inches before he landed on the disabled list in May, a byproduct of compensating for the weakened latissimus dorsi muscle.

"You try doing that for five months," Dubee said. "Try doing anything for five months. Walk upside down for five months, then try to walk the right way. It's going to take you a while to break that bad habit."

Dubee said that based on what he has seen from Halladay in his previous two starts, he is convinced Halladay will return to prior form.

"Absolutely," he said.

Halladay is 1-1 with a 2.08 ERA in his last two starts, allowing nine hits, three runs, two walks and striking out 12 in 13 innings.

Of course, only time will tell. But if Dubee is right, it will be good news for the 2013 Phillies.