Amaro confident rotation will return to form

Amaro confident rotation will return to form

ATLANTA -- Roy Halladay hasn't been himself this season and Cliff Lee's season has been a combination of bad luck and bad stretches.

But Phillies general manager Ruben Amaro Jr. is certain his rotation will rebound.

It better. The Phillies have $64.5 million committed in salary next season to Halladay ($20 million), Lee ($25 million) and Cole Hamels ($19.5 million).

"I'm confident this time next year and toward the end of this year, we're not going to have the same level of performance or results that we've had out of those two guys," Amaro said of Halladay and Lee. "It will be better. They are better than that. They're better than -- what is it, five wins? -- they're better than that. That I am confident in. Very confident."

So he thinks Halladay's struggles are nothing more than rust?

"We still have to monitor how he is going to progress, but he has only pitched twice, he didn't have a real extended rehab process and we got him on the mound pretty quickly," Amaro said.

Said Charlie Manuel: "We got to get pitching. We talk about our bullpen, but starting pitching, we have to be a little bit better. We have to be better with our starting pitching. Our rotation has to be better and consistent."