Clock ticking down on decision from Hamels

Clock ticking down on decision from Hamels

PHILADELPHIA -- Eight days remain before the non-waiver July 31 Trade Deadline and Cole Hamels remains unsigned.

The Phillies need to know his plans soon.

Sources said the Phillies have offered Hamels a six-year deal. reported Monday that Hamels is "conflicted" about his decision, which could be read any number of ways. But it sounds at the very least like the Phils' offer has caught Hamels' attention, which means they still have a chance to sign him.

After all, Hamels hasn't said no.

Not yet.

But if Hamels does not want to sign, the club needs to know quickly so it can shop him and find the best package possible in a trade.

Hamels could be conflicted because he is so close to free agency, where he could score an even bigger payday, or he could be conflicted based on the direction of the team. The team is losing and getting older, and if the Phillies spend money on a big deal for Hamels, he might wonder how much financial flexibility they have to fill other holes on the roster.