At home in California, Rollins sidesteps trade talk

At home in California, Rollins sidesteps trade talk

LOS ANGELES -- Jimmy Rollins loves California.

He was born and raised in Alameda, just outside Oakland and just across the bay from San Francisco. But he also tweeted his love for the entire state Sunday, including Southern California, which is interesting only because the Dodgers and Giants might try to acquire a shortstop before the July 31 Trade Deadline, and the Phillies might be willing to trade him.

But it won't be easy.

The first trick in any potential Rollins trade: He is owed about $25.7 million through 2014, which does not include an $11 million option for 2015 that automatically vests based on 600 plate appearances in 2014 or 1,100 plate appearances in 2013-14. The option is pretty easily attainable, if Rollins stays healthy. It also is a lot of money.

The second trick in any potential Rollins trade: He has 5-and-10 trade rights, meaning he must approve any trade. Rollins could require a team pick up the $11 million option to accept it, which could be a deal killer.

So would Rollins waive his trade rights?

"It's not a question to be answered," he said.

Rollins was asked a few more times, but he declined to offer any sort of a concrete answer. Was he playing coy, not saying yes, but not saying no?

"You're going to write whatever you want to write," he said. "You want to write a story."

Ah, but it would be a much more interesting story if he answered the question.

"I'm not going to help you write that story," he said.

It is mentioned the Phillies look like sellers, there are two California teams that could be interested in him and he is a California guy.

"Northern California," he said.

Hey, the Giants are a Northern California team. They could use a shortstop.

"Yeah, that's true," he said with a smile.