Galvis to be in back brace for three weeks

Galvis to be in back brace for three weeks

Galvis to be in back brace for three weeks
MINNEAPOLIS -- Doctors in New York concurred with the Phillies' diagnosis that Freddy Galvis has a pars fracture in his lower back.

Galvis will be in a brace for the next three weeks.

"Then we're going to reexamine him and see where we're at," Phillies head athletic trainer Scott Sheridan said before Wednesday's game against the Twins at Target Field. "Based on his symptoms and that kind of stuff, we might be able to begin some stuff with him exercise-wise, but we really won't know a lot more until we get to that time period. The biggest thing right now is just trying to get him comfortable, make him feel better and try to get this thing to heal."

Sheridan said it was too early to say how much time Galvis will miss, but it should be a significant amount of time.

"It's hard to just go, 'Oh, the season is over,'" Sheridan said. "I think a lot just depends on how he responds after the first three weeks."

Galvis, whose L45 vertebrae is fractured, has had some back issues in the past, most recently in winter ball. But he just recently developed the full fracture.

"It's not an uncommon injury in baseball," Sheridan said. "You want to treat it appropriately. If you let these go they can progress into other problems."

Asked if this could bother Galvis in the future, Sheridan said, "I don't think so. I think it probably changes the way he approaches things going forward."