No fielding practice for Utley since joining Phils

No fielding practice for Utley since joining Phils

PHILADELPHIA -- Chase Utley rejoined the team Saturday, but so far, he has not been participating in fielding practice as expected.

Utley is on the disabled list with chondromalacia in his left knee. He said Saturday that "over the next week or so I'll be on the field trying to get more ground balls and making some progressions in that area and just trying to get my feet under me as a far as a baseball standpoint goes. I was doing some baseball things in Arizona, but there's nothing like being with the team and on the field on a daily basis."

The Phillies said Utley's absence from the field -- he has taken batting practice as scheduled -- is no cause for alarm.

"He's still doing some exercises and stuff," Phillies general manager Ruben Amaro Jr. said.

So the fact he hasn't taken grounders doesn't mean anything?

"No," Amaro said.