Howard hopes to resume baseball activity soon

Howard hopes to resume baseball activity soon

PHILADELPHIA -- Phillies first baseman Ryan Howard, who hasn't played since suffering a torn Achilles tendon on the final play of the 2011 season, revealed after Friday night's 5-1 loss to the Cubs that he hopes to travel to Clearwater, Fla., on Sunday and resume baseball activities within a week.

He was examined earlier in the day by the team of specialists that has been treating the wound that became infected in February.

"They thought it looked good," Howard said. "So I'm going to try to finagle [the front office] to let me head down there. I'll probably give myself a week to get the soreness out and do some lifting and then see about hitting."

Beyond that, Howard didn't offer a timetable for when he might be activated.

"The tendon feels strong, but it's just building up around that," he said. "I have to get at-bats. I have to try to get into baseball situations, and there's no true timetable for that."