Manuel trying to find right lineup chemistry

Manuel trying to find right lineup chemistry

PHILADELPHIA -- Like most managers, Charlie Manuel prefers not to juggle his lineup. Slumps and injuries have forced him to improvise, though. The Phillies started their 16th different lineup in their first 19 games Friday night against the Cubs at Citizens Bank Park.

Manuel doesn't believe he's tinkering too much.

"I look at it, when you're struggling you can do almost anything," Manuel said. "It's like losing. You can try anything that you think is going to help when you're losing. But also the biggest thing, because we've just started the season, is that you've got to keep your head up, and you've got to keep going and stay with it and stay positive."

"When you're losing, you can change the lineup. You can do anything you want to. You do things to try to get you going when you're not hitting the ball."

The Phillies haven't been above .500 since winning on Opening Day.