Rested Rollins returns to starting lineup

Rested Rollins returns to starting lineup

Rested Rollins returns to starting lineup
PHILADELPHIA -- Shortstop Jimmy Rollins was back in the lineup Friday night after missing his first start of the season Wednesday in Arizona. Combined with Thursday's open date, that gave him two days off.

"I just wanted him to clear his head a little bit," manager Charlie Manuel explained.

Rollins was in a 3-for-33 (.091) slide that dropped his overall season average to .229. Manuel said he didn't think being moved to the third spot in the order had any impact on Rollins, who has led off most of his career.

Rollins went 0-for-4 in Friday night's 5-1 loss to the Cubs.

"This isn't the first time he's gotten off to a slow start," Manuel pointed out. "He's done that before. He's like most hitters. You'll catch an 0-for-20 or a 2-for-30, things like that. You'll catch two or three of them sometimes during the season. That doesn't mean you'll have a bad season, though. That just means that for about a week you didn't do too good."

He pointed out that even entire teams go through peaks and valleys over the course of the season.

"I was like everybody else. When the season started I was like, 'Jiminy Christmas, Detroit is going to score a lot of runs this year.' For about 10 days there they killed the ball," Manuel said. "Now all of a sudden everybody's screaming and hollering that nobody's hitting but [Miguel] Cabrera. Where'd the hitting go? The hitting is still there. It hasn't gone nowhere. The baseball gods moved in on them. That's all."