Myers has fan in Phils legend Roberts

Myers has fan in Phils legend Roberts

PHILADELPHIA -- Rattling off a list of pitchers he enjoys watching, Robin Roberts quickly mentioned Toronto's Roy Halladay, New York's Johan Santana and Philadelphia's Cole Hamels.

He paused, then added one more name.

Brett Myers.

"I wish he would do better, but he's struggling," said Roberts, in town to commemorate the 60th anniversary of his Major League debut.

Like those in the organization, Roberts believes Myers has the talent and stuff to be a top-of-the-rotation starter, one deserving of Opening Day status. He saw the guy who allowed one hit to the Reds on June 4 and struck out 11 Marlins on May 30.

However, Myers has dropped seven of his last eight decisions to fall to 3-8 on the season with a 5.79 ERA. Roberts, despite his 286 wins, didn't have an easy fix.

"Just to be himself and figure it out," the Hall of Famer said. "You get a lot of advice and sometimes it doesn't work. More or less, you have to go about it your own way. He got up here because he's a good pitcher. I watched the [May 30 game] when he gave up three runs then struck out 11. Maybe if he can remember what he was doing then, that would help."

If nothing else, Myers can take solace in this. The seven-time All-Star struggled, too.

"I had stretches," Roberts said. "I was 1-5 one year to start the season. I was 1-10 one year. Can you imagine going one year and winning one game? I was trying. It was so much mental and so much luck. You don't know. You just have to figure out."

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