Phillies impressed by ageless Moyer

Phillies impressed by ageless Moyer

SAN FRANCISCO -- Jamie Moyer became the oldest pitcher to win a game at 49 years, 150 days old when he beat the Padres on Tuesday.

The Phillies weren't surprised Moyer did it.

"I figured he would," Cole Hamels said. "There's always a point in your career when you're going to hang them up. But for him, because he was so close to reaching some of those milestones, he's the never-say-die guy. To be able to do that, it's pretty impressive."

Moyer said he planned to pitch again after he had left elbow surgery in 2010. Hamels said he knew Moyer would follow through on his promise.

"When he's got certain agendas, he's going to go get them," Hamels said. "That just shows the type of work ethic he has. It's pretty incredible to be that old. I don't know how I'd feel when I'm at that age, but I know I probably won't be throwing a baseball. For him to be able to do it, it's pretty cool. He probably has a milestone I don't think anybody will ever hit. Nobody is going to be that old in this day and age."

Said Charlie Manuel: "I'll congratulate him. I'll see him. He better not pitch against us and beat us, though. Then I'm really going to be mad."