Phils trainer expounds on Howard's recovery

Phils trainer expounds on Howard's recovery

CLEARWATER, Fla. -- Phillies head athletic trainer Scott Sheridan clarified Ryan Howard's condition on Sunday, further explaining the first baseman's seroma and upcoming checkup with foot and ankle specialist Mark Myerson.

On Saturday, manager Charlie Manuel categorized Howard's situation as a "setback," a description that general manager Ruben Amaro Jr. disagreed with. Sheridan said Howard is suffering from a delayed reaction to his sutures, but his appointment with Myerson, who performed Howard's surgery, was previously scheduled. Now, Myerson will also examine the seroma before progressing any further.

"He's got an open wound that isn't healing the way we want it to," Sheridan said. "So, with that said, you have to get it evaluated. ... This is kind of a scheduled appointment. It just happens to have a nice little adjunct to it that he's going to have something else to look at. We think it's important that Mark kind of helps us make those decisions."

Howard had been on track in his recovery, doing some work on the field and taking care of himself the best he could in terms of staying in shape, Sheridan said. But Howard's toughest test will come when he begins making quick movements -- running out of the box, starting, stopping and moving side to side.

While Sheridan said Howard's condition is common when rehabbing an Achilles tendon injury, he did not know how it will affect Howard's workout schedule going forward.

"It's just something that happens and part of the rehab process," Sheridan said. "The Achilles tendon is notorious for not healing well, the skin over the top of it. Sometimes these things happen, and that's why when you look at setting timeframes, you never say somebody's ahead of or behind schedule until he's on the field."