Decision on surgery coming soon for Polanco

Decision on surgery coming soon for Polanco

Decision on surgery coming soon for Polanco
PHILADELPHIA -- The next few days are critical for Placido Polanco.

Polanco received a cortisone injection Tuesday to treat a sports hernia, which he said has bothered him for about a month. He said Friday he felt a little better, although the next few days will go a long way toward deciding whether or not he needs surgery.

The third baseman said surgery could keep him off the field anywhere from three to six weeks. Three or four weeks would not be a problem, because he would have enough time to get back on the field and play. But six weeks would put his return at the end of the regular season, which would make him ill-prepared for the postseason.

"I'm going to need the surgery, so why not get it over with?" Polanco wondered. "But what's preventing it? We're playing for something. You can't take it for granted. You don't know when you'll be in the playoffs again. We have a pretty good chance. I don't want to miss it. This is when it gets fun. ... I don't know how much better I'm going to get in two days. That's why I got the shot -- to try to play through it. They said they think they can manage it. I trust them."

"We think the shots will help, but we won't know until he starts doing some baseball stuff," Phillies general manager Ruben Amaro Jr. said.

Polanco said on a 1-10 scale, his pain was a nine in San Francisco, when he last played. He said it was a six on Friday.

"I feel it just standing here," Polanco said.