Rollins steal led to HBP? Phils not buying it

Rollins steal led to HBP? Phils not buying it

Rollins steal led to HBP? Phils not buying it
SAN FRANCISCO -- Phillies shortstop Jimmy Rollins stole second base with a six-run lead in the top of the sixth inning Friday at AT&T Park.

Could that have prompted Giants pitcher Ramon Ramirez to drill Shane Victorino in the back with a first-pitch fastball, instigating a benches-clearing brawl?

"I wouldn't have done it," Giants right fielder Carlos Beltran said.

Rollins offered his take Saturday.

"Two things," he said. "Either Charlie [Manuel] stops me, or they don't hold me on. When you're holding the guy on, you're still playing the game. You're not conceding. If you concede the running part of the game, then I'll concede the running part of the game. If you're holding me on, you're saying, 'We're still playing the game the way it's supposed to be played.'

"You've got 12 outs [remaining]. In the seventh inning, obviously I'm not going to run. But in the sixth inning? When we don't want guys to run our bench coach [Pete Mackanin] tells Ryan [Howard] to back up, play behind him or whatever. OK, the running game is off. The running game usually stops after the sixth. or if it's just way out of hand early. Like if it's 7-0 in the second or third inning, you don't run. I understand the gentleman's code, but if you've got 12 outs to work with? I've got the green light. It's on until they take it off or you take it off."

The Phillies don't believe Rollins' stolen base had anything to do with the plunking. They believe Ramirez got upset because the Phillies were hitting him and wanted to send a message.