Bobbling down memory lane

Bobbling down memory lane

Players. Managers. Broadcasters. Hall of Famers. Mascots. Starting in 2001, they all have been immortalized by the Phillies with a bobblehead giveaway. 

Who was first?

Pat Burrell in May 2001. Maikel Franco was the 34th and most recent in June 2016.

Director of merchandise Scott Brandreth has had a front-row seat for this collectible craze.

"It's pretty interesting to look back over these bobbleheads being a part of Phillies giveaways," said Brandreth. "They've become a staple of our promotional schedule now and we look forward to continuing that tradition this season.

"We've had fun with the different players, the poses and the packaging over the years. From a wolf-like arm, to removable catcher's masks to bobbling bellies, we've tried to incorporate unique characteristics of a particular player -- or mascot -- into each one. It's a very cool thing to see the bobbles turn up around the region, whether it be at a barber shop, a deli, on someone's office desk or behind the bar at a restaurant. They're everywhere."

While most people are familiar with the bobbleheads given out at Phillies games, there have been nine other figurines issued to qualifying group leaders, as well as the lucky fans who find them in grab bags purchased at the annual Phillies Phestival.

Plus, there have been some limited edition bobbleheads as part of Theme Nights dates over the past couple years. "Master Phanatic" bobblehead was part of Star Wars Night last year.

The bobblehead roster:

Harry Kalas and Richie Ashburn (2002)
Scott Franzke and Larry Andersen ('13)

Phillie Phanatic (2002)
Phil & Phillis ('03)
Phillie Phanatic ('07)
Phillie Phanatic ('09)

Larry Bowa (2002)
Charlie Manuel -- World Series champions ('09)
Manuel ('12)

Mike Lieberthal (2004)
Carlos Ruiz ('10)
Ruiz ('13)

First basemen
Ryan Howard (2006)
Howard -- National League MVP Award winner ('07)
Howard ('14)

Second basemen
Chase Utley (2006)
Utley ('08)
Utley ('14)

Bowa (2001)
Jimmy Rollins (2002)
Rollins -- NL MVP Award winner ('08)
Bowa ('15)

Third basemen
Placido Polanco (2011)
Mike Schmidt ('13)
Franco ('16)

Burrell (2001)
Shane Victorino ('10)
Hunter Pence ('12)

Steve Carlton (2003)
Randy Wolf ('04)
Cole Hamels ('07)
Jamie Moyer -- NL East champions ('08)
Brad Lidge ('09)
Roy Halladay ('10)
Roy Oswalt ('11)
Cliff Lee ('12)
Hamels ('13)
Halladay ('14)

Back-to-Back MVPs (2008)
The Four Aces ('11)
Rollins and Utley ('14)
Vintage Bobble ('15)
Rollins and Schmidt ('15)

Larry Shenk is in charge of alumni relations and team historian for the Phillies. This story was not subject to the approval of Major League Baseball or its clubs.