Utley's recovery requiring Phillies' patience

Utley's recovery requiring Phillies' patience

Utley's recovery requiring Phillies' patience
PHILADELPHIA -- Chase Utley won't be running a 5K any time soon.

Phillies general manager Ruben Amaro Jr. said Tuesday that while Utley continues to make progress with his injured right knee, "It's slow. And it will continue to be slow. Even if he gets to the point where he starts to be able to run or jog or whatever, that doesn't mean he's going to jump forward all of a sudden and be in a rehab [assignment]. That may take some time, too. There's a difference between jogging around and running 100 percent. It's all kind of a progression."

Amaro said Utley "is not ready to run. That would be the next step, if he felt comfortable enough to do it. Hopefully we'll get him there at some point."

Is he close to jogging?

"He is not close to jogging," Amaro said. "If he was close to jogging, he'd be jogging, I guess. He's taken some ground balls. He's done OK with that so far. But it's still baby steps, one step at a time. It's literally a day-to-day thing."

Utley has been taking fielding practice since last week. He is moving laterally, including dropping to one knee and throwing to second base.

Amaro said Utley still feels some discomfort in the knee.

"[It's] not to the point where it's debilitating for him," said Amaro. "He's made some progress in that it's not as painful."

Amaro said Utley ideally will have no discomfort in the knee before he tries jogging or running.

Utley will travel with the team while he rehabs. The Phillies' first road trip begins Friday in Atlanta.

"We have the personnel that he'll want to work with here," Amaro said. "And I like having him around. So does Charlie [Manuel] -- rightfully so."


"Because he's still our team leader," Amaro said. "Or one of them."