Dellucci files for free agency

Dellucci files for free agency

PHILADELPHIA -- David Dellucci was one of 13 players to file for free agency on Thursday, bringing the total number of filers to 161.

Dellucci is the seventh of nine eligible Phillies to file, with Randall Simon and Alex Gonzalez, who retired in May, remaining. Randy Wolf, Mike Lieberthal, Aaron Fultz, Rick White and Arthur Rhodes filed on Saturday, and Jose Hernandez filed on Oct. 31.

Dellucci, 33, hit .292 with 13 home runs and 39 RBIs in 264 at-bats. He received the bulk of his playing time after July 31, after Bobby Abreu was dealt to the Yankees.

While the Phillies would like Dellucci to return, he wants the security of a full-time job, a scenario that likely won't play out in Philadelphia.

"Hopefully, it will be a very rewarding offseason," Dellucci said on the final day of the season. "I want to be with a team that compensates me fairly for what I can do. I want to be with a team that allows me to do what I can do. I feel that I'm more of a contributor than a utility-type player at this point in my career."

Dellucci earned $900,000 in 2006.

Though the Phillies have spoken with Wolf's representatives a few times, the pitcher is likely to see what offers he gets on the open market. The Phillies are also believed to be preparing to pursue free agent outfielder Alfonso Soriano. Teams can begin pursuing all free agents on Nov. 12.

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