Interview with Werth after Game 5 of NLCS

Interview with Werth after Game 5 of NLCS

Q. Was there any sense in the dugout during the game that Roy had hurt himself in the second inning and how impressive it was that he pitched on basically one leg, I guess?

JAYSON WERTH: I wasn't aware that anybody knew that happened, really. I mean, I don't know what they told you guys. What did they tell you?

Q. He said he pulled his groin in the second inning.

JAYSON WERTH: So, yeah, there was a sense of that something wasn't entirely right. But when we went back out there I mean, guys get dinged up all the time and stay in the game and have things going on.

So the fact that he went back out there kind of told me that it wasn't that severe. But at the same time looking up at his velocity I knew that he wasn't throwing as hard. Just kind of watching him. You could tell there was something bothering him.

But he's a man. He goes out there and competes and he definitely wasn't going to give up.

Q. Your throw in the fourth, I mean, flags at the top of the stadium were going in different directions. Can you tell me what it was like at field level and did you know it was a strike or did you have to wait until it landed with Polanco?

JAYSON WERTH: I was just catching it. And I assumed Cody was going to tag. I caught it and let it fly. The thing I was worried about the most was probably maybe hitting the runner or skipping away because there's nothing back there behind third base to stop the ball.

So that was definitely a concern that I've had since we started playing here; that on throws to third, you need to be fairly accurate. You don't want something to skip away, you don't want it to go into the dugout or the camera well there.

When I let it fly, it felt pretty good coming out and waited for the umpire.

Q. Wind a non factor?

JAYSON WERTH: The wind? On the throw? I don't think so.

Q. Very few home runs have been hit by right handed hitters to right field in this park. So when you hit a ball like that, I mean, do you think it's out? Do you have any idea whether it's going out?

JAYSON WERTH: I hit it good. But I've hit a lot of balls good here to right field and they've gone nowhere. So when I saw it heading towards the line, I thought that was probably its best chance. The park gets short over there.

So I knew I hit it well, but, again, I hit a ball the other night, I hit it up in the air, but I hit it pretty good. I think Cody was playing right. He caught it on the grass. So you just never know here.

Q. How big did that run seem, as you're going around the bases?

JAYSON WERTH: That was definitely a good run to have especially after last night, them coming back like that. So just a little insurance.

But we were up so Brad was coming in, either way.

Q. I know you talked about the mindset I'll stop in a second I know you've talked about the mindset of your team in games like this. You guys talk all the time about one game, tunnel vision. How important is that, when you're playing a game that means what this game meant?

JAYSON WERTH: I'm assuming it's fairly important. For us it's just how we do things. The old cliche, one pitch at a time, one game at a time, all that kind of really holds true. We don't get too out over our skis, if you will.

We just kind of play in the moment. I read somewhere the other day where Howie (Kendrick) said his motto is no panic. And I think that's pretty true for our whole team. I mean, we've got a bunch of guys that are professionals and know what they're doing. We needed to win a ballgame tonight, we went out and did it.

Q. Charlie said during his pre game press conference that he'd probably walk through the clubhouse, chat with each guy, look them in the eye, maybe not even about baseball. What was it like when he did that?

JAYSON WERTH: If that happened to me, I think it would happen outside. I didn't see Charlie before the game. But people are going everywhere, but that's pretty normal. Charlie comes through and talks to everybody almost every day. I mean, he's pretty -- he's kind of chums with everybody, I guess you could say.

Q. Did the thought go into your head anytime today that this could conceivably be your last game as a Philly?

JAYSON WERTH: No. No. Thanks for reminding me, though.

Q. Knowing how big your hit was, just talk about the sense of urgency you guys had in winning a game like this, where you knew you had to win to keep the season going?

JAYSON WERTH: I'm sorry. You're talking way too fast. Can you say that again?

Q. Talk about knowing the importance of winning this game and what it meant to you guys to keep the season going.

JAYSON WERTH: That's kind of an obvious one. If we don't win, different mindset on the playing tonight. I think that was pretty much that was in anybody's mind. We were focused on winning the ballgame, and really it was just another game. I mean, I didn't notice anything different in the clubhouse or it was just another day in there.

Q. And, finally, what's your mindset going I know you guys are looking ahead to just one game, but just talk about what that means to have like a good pitcher on the mound for you guys and being back home.

JAYSON WERTH: I mean, obviously we play good at our ballpark in front of our fans, and kind of regained home field advantage a little bit. This is really good for us to get back there. Obviously we needed to win one game to get home, we did that, and we'll head back to Philly. We'll take the day off tomorrow and we'll come out ready to play the next day.

But we're a focused bunch, and we've got some professional guys in there and some really good players. And we still know what we're doing.