NLCS Game 5 postgame interview: Polanco

NLCS Game 5 postgame interview: Polanco

Q. Placido, you made hits count in this playoff. You have five RBIs. Could you talk about how things are going for you in this series.


Q. Your hits have been counted. You have five RBIs. Could you talk about how things have been going for you in this Championship series?

PLACIDO POLANCO: It's not about me. It's about the team. But to be able to drive in runs in key situations, of course, it's a good feeling. But most important, win a game and take it one day at a time. And today's over now, turn the page and focus on the next guy that we're going to face, which is not going to be any easier than today.

Q. I was curious when you or the rest of the guys knew that Roy had injured his groin and how impressive his performance was considering he apparently did most of it with a pulled groin?

PLACIDO POLANCO: To be honest, I didn't know. I didn't even know. I mean, the guy's just a tough guy and he didn't show it. He didn't tell anybody. So I didn't know.

Q. The throw from Werth, did you have a good sense that it was going to end up being what it was, that it was on target or, no, did you have to wait to see?

PLACIDO POLANCO: You know, he has a pretty good arm. I knew he was going to go for it. He's a pretty aggressive outfielder. I'm glad we got him out. It was a perfect throw.

Q. Obviously you'll take a win at this point any way you can get it. But is it somewhat building momentum that it wasn't a blowout, it was a close game in the way the Giants have been playing in the close games to turn the tables on them, maybe it switches the momentum in the series?

PLACIDO POLANCO: Maybe. I hope so. We were able to score some runs on some errors they made. And that's what good teams do. You cannot give good teams four outs, and we were able to take advantage of that today.

Q. Can you take us through your at-bat against Lincecum in the third? No error there, obviously. What were you trying to do? What did you think you did?

PLACIDO POLANCO: With two strikes, I was aware of the slider and the changeup, which are two pretty good pitches that he has. But at the same time I was ready for a fastball. I always look for a fastball and I try to adjust to anything off, and he threw me a fastball and I was able to hit it good.

Q. When you say aware, so you got all the possibilities, but what did you think he was going to throw?

PLACIDO POLANCO: I looked for a fastball. That way it gives me more time to adjust for the slider or the changeup that he has.