Bullpen getting plenty of rest in playoffs

Bullpen getting plenty of rest in playoffs

CINCINNATI -- The Phillies' relievers have pitched the fewest innings during the regular season in 2010.

That's what happens when you have Roy Halladay, Roy Oswalt and Cole Hamels in the rotation.

But when they were in the game, Philadelphia's relievers were fourth in fewest runs allowed and third in fewest hits.

The success of the bullpen reminded right-hander Chad Durbin of the 2008 relief corps that helped the Phils win their first World Series title since 1980.

"Minus the extra lefty in there, Scott Eyre, I think everybody has been filling in those roles and getting outs in a regular routine or a role that you kind of get used to," Durbin said. "In the sixth, seventh, it's been the standard guys, and this guy in the eighth. For lefties coming up, J.C. [Romero] has been doing a good job lately. So, yeah, I think it helps with the momentum that gets carried on in the end of the game -- in the bullpen."

You also won't find any of the relievers complaining that they have pitched the fewest innings this season. In the postseason, they have pitched four shutout innings.

"I think it helps, because one of the things that makes our bullpen is our starting pitching," reliever Ryan Madson said. "They're going inside, mixing up pitches, and getting the hitters on their heels.

"And we were talking about this the other day: Our starting pitchers have helped us tremendously by setting the hitters up and getting them off balance, and we take advantage of it at the same time. So we're only as good as our hitters, but as a bullpen, we're only as good as our starting pitchers."