Rollins scuffling from both sides of plate

Rollins scuffling from both sides of plate

CINCINNATI -- It has not been a memorable season for Phillies shortstop Jimmy Rollins, who spent nearly half the season on the disabled list with different leg injuries.

He hit just .243 with eight home runs and 41 RBIs in 88 games. It was the lowest average of his career and his .694 on-base-plus-slugging percentage was his lowest since a .686 OPS in 2002.

But another sore spot for Rollins are his struggles hitting left-handed. Rollins, who is a switch-hitter, has hit .297 right-handed, but just .217 left-handed. Before this season he hit .281 from the right side and .272 from the left side.

"He's had a hard time finding his swing from the left side," manager Charlie Manuel said. "Usually, his swing from the left side, he's got good balance and he has a short, quick swing. He shows signs of getting the swing down. This whole season, he has never hit a streak like where he got hot or kept his swing for a long time. And I think his injuries definitely have something to do with it."

Manuel still prefers to hit Rollins sixth and Raul Ibanez seventh because he wants to separate the left-handed-hitting Chase Utley and Ryan Howard from the left-handed-hitting Raul Ibanez with Jayson Werth and Rollins.

Interestingly, Ibanez has hit .268 against lefties this season.

"[Rollins is] dangerous and he's very capable of having a good night from the left side, too," Manuel said. "That's how I look at him. If they bring some lefties into the game, I don't worry about him hitting from the left side because if his swings are good, he'll produce."