Werth confident he wouldn't be traded

Werth confident he wouldn't be traded

WASHINGTON -- Less than 24 hours before Saturday's 4 p.m. ET non-waiver Trade Deadline, Jayson Werth is still wearing a Phillies uniform.

He'll be wearing one after the Deadline, too.

"I never thought I was going anywhere," Werth said before Friday night's game against the Washington Nationals at Nationals Park. "I never felt like we were out of it. The only way that I would get traded, I felt like, was if we were out of it. Maybe I'm way off base here."

The Phillies were motivated to talk to teams about Werth because he will be a free agent after the season and they feel he will be difficult to re-sign. If Werth finishes the season strong, he could ask for $100 million or more.

Werth became unavailable once Shane Victorino landed on the 15-day disabled list and the Phillies started playing better.

But even if Werth's asking price is much lower during free agency, he will be difficult to bring back. The Phillies already have $145 million committed to 16 players next season. One of the reasons the Phillies got the Blue Jays to ship them $9 million in the Roy Halladay trade and traded Cliff Lee, who is making $9 million, was because they had reached a payroll threshold of around $140 million. They held firm to that until they picked up Roy Oswalt on Thursday.

"They could probably tell you whatever they want," said Werth, told that the Phillies only have so much money to spend. "The fact of the matter is that I don't believe that's the deciding factor and that it will be the end of me in Philadelphia. I just don't."

Asked what the deciding factor would be, Werth said, "I don't think that's up to me. I think there will be a decision. Both parties will probably have to make it. But I don't think payroll will be it."