Figueroa designated as Durbin returns

Figueroa designated as Durbin returns

CHICAGO -- The Phillies' bullpen received a boost on Tuesday, when Chad Durbin was brought off the disabled list, marking the first time all season that the 'pen has been at full strength.

To create a roster spot, Nelson Figueroa was designated for assignment. It was a tough break for Figueroa, as he had pitched well for the Phillies, amassing a 3.46 ERA over 26 innings of work.

In every game, the Phillies have been missing at least one reliever between Ryan Madson, Brad Lidge, Durbin and J.C. Romero, but now they are all finally together.

Durbin looks forward to the boost this will give the team.

"Guys will be able to throw in roles that they're used to and comfortable with," Durbin said. "I think that's most of the battle when it comes to a bullpen, bringing guys in in comfortable situations so they are not in pressure."

Durbin, for his part, is coming off a strained hamstring that he claims does not have any wear and tear.

"Not that I can tell," Durbin said. "But hamstrings are fickle."

The move to designate Figueroa was made with a heavy heart by Charlie Manuel, as he thought that Figueroa was simply the victim of a numbers game.

"I understand exactly how Figgy feels," Manuel said. "Figgy's pitched great. He's done a good job for us, and of course he's worked hard to make a Major League team and be in the big leagues. When you do pretty good, you feel pretty good about yourself and you're on a winning team and everything. He wanted to stay in the Major Leagues. I understand all about that. He did a good job for us."