Polanco likely needs second cortisone shot

Polanco likely needs second cortisone shot

PHILADELPHIA -- Placido Polanco had his left elbow wrapped in a compression sleeve Sunday at Citizens Bank Park.

He has an injury that won't go away.

Polanco is expected to receive a cortisone injection into the elbow on Sunday, which would be his second shot this season and keep him from playing until Tuesday at the earliest. Polanco originally injured the elbow on April 21, when he was hit by a pitch against Atlanta. It flared up in late May, when he received his first shot. He missed six games from May 28 to June 3, and has missed the past two games after he aggravated the elbow diving for a ball on Friday.

"There's inflammation in the capsule," Polanco said. "You use it every time you swing. You take [batting practice]. You take a million practice swings. Every time you do that, it's irritating it."

Rest is the best option for Polanco.

"Rest is not a choice," he said. "We're going to have to take care of it somehow. Maybe the shot. Keep treating it, you know?"

Polanco said he mostly felt fine after he received the first shot, but occasionally felt it when he swung the bat.

"Nothing major. Nothing bad," he said. "This time? Pretty bad."